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British High End Fashion Brands

This is a bit of history on three of my favourite higher end fashion brands. I have been treated with bits and pieces over the years and I’m keeping them British!
Jo Malone
-Jo Malone describes itself as ‘quintessentially British’ keeping it true to its roots in London since 1994. They aim to fill our lives with beautiful scents for both men, women and homes. With their black and white signature wrapping, their products are unmistakable and provide a certain class putting it at the forefront of perfumery. My favourite scent is their ‘Pomegranate Noir’ and I’ve managed to collect the perfume, body lotion and candle.

TIP: The brands below can be found in TK Maxx for discounted prices!

All Saints
-All Saints was established in 1994 by Stuart Trevor and Kait Bolonbaro.It began as a mens label sold only to Harrods and Harvey Nichols. It has a powerful connection in the music industry getting involved in many collaborations e.g. with Kings of Leon. Rappers such as Tinie Tempah and Jay-Z have mentioned All Saints in their songs. It is recognisable for its edgy, ‘rough; look which I personally love to incorporate into my outfits.

Ted Baker
– Ted Baker considers itself ‘no ordinary designer label’ . It was founded in Glasgow, 1987 as a mens shirt specialist. By looking at their products it is not hard too see they have a little quirk to them making them distinct and beautiful. It is one of the fastest growing leading lifestyle brands in the UK and this has been achieved without any advertisement.

(Information is from the websites linked and photos are my own)


Comic Relief!

It’s that time again… Since the last Comic Relief was in 2015, its back and Red Nose Day is on Friday the 24th of March! With this charitable season, comes along a whole new range of limited edition merchandise in the form of T-shirts, aprons and various bits of stationary promoted by nationally loved celebrities.


The T-shirts have quirky photographs of various animals wearing accessories, with their names on them. The photographs were taken by Rankin who is a very successful photographer who has worked with various charities in the past including, Battersea Dogs & Cats Home, Women’s Aid and Children in Need. The pictures, in my opinion are not actually particularly pleasing to look at. However, I think this is what will help them sell as they are a relaxed style and easily recognisable as Comic Relief merchandise. By adding the names by the animals, it adds personality and who doesn’t love animals?! Especially the French Bulldog, Albert! Celebrities such as Jack Whitehall and Game of Thrones, Masie Williams have been used this year to help promote the charity. They may not be the most fashionable new range of clothes but as far as making people smile and contributing to charities amongst Africa and the UK, they suddenly look more appealing. The merchandise can be purchased online from the Red Nose Day website or in TK Maxx Stores.


Celebrities and their pooches!


Even the most busiest of celebrities and models need a bit of down time to get down and dirty with their pets. These are some fashion icons spotted with their bestest of friends,  for once they aren’t the main focus of the photograph!


Paris Hilton:



Paris is a famous fashion icon and socialite, setting trends for years. Her latest work includes a hair care range being released in Lidl. Her most famous dog Tinkerbell sadly passed away in 2014 but this is her newest ‘yet to be named’ family member.




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American Apparel, adios!

A retail chain loved worldwide, across twenty countries specifically, has gone into administration throughout the UK. The shops sell everything from dog jumpers to evening dresses, underwear and rucksacks. With the exception of one store in Camden High Street, all others will be closed which will result in nearly 150 jobs lost and the obtaining of their goods extremely hard. This is all very negative so lets look at the positive.. for a limited time there are sales!! Big ones at that with up to 70% so if you’re quick you may just bag yourself a bargain. The shop is loved for its ‘old school’ styles eg. their well known ‘tennis skirt’ and ‘disco pants’, however their style may have failed them as it is simple and easy to recreate. This has been done by cheaper shops such as Primark but unlike Primark, American Apparel has ethical production methods. As there is a store in Glasgow closing down it leaves the question as to what may take its place and will it ever live up to what once occupied the space before? American Apparel was founded in 1998 making it the same age as me but hopefully, I survive a bit longer!

Bibliography: https://www.theguardian.com/business/2016/nov/08/american-apparel-uk-business-adminstration

(photos are my own)