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Comic Relief!

It’s that time again… Since the last Comic Relief was in 2015, its back and Red Nose Day is on Friday the 24th of March! With this charitable season, comes along a whole new range of limited edition merchandise in the form of T-shirts, aprons and various bits of stationary promoted by nationally loved celebrities.


The T-shirts have quirky photographs of various animals wearing accessories, with their names on them. The photographs were taken by Rankin who is a very successful photographer who has worked with various charities in the past including, Battersea Dogs & Cats Home, Women’s Aid and Children in Need. The pictures, in my opinion are not actually particularly pleasing to look at. However, I think this is what will help them sell as they are a relaxed style and easily recognisable as Comic Relief merchandise. By adding the names by the animals, it adds personality and who doesn’t love animals?! Especially the French Bulldog, Albert! Celebrities such as Jack Whitehall and Game of Thrones, Masie Williams have been used this year to help promote the charity. They may not be the most fashionable new range of clothes but as far as making people smile and contributing to charities amongst Africa and the UK, they suddenly look more appealing. The merchandise can be purchased online from the Red Nose Day website or in TK Maxx Stores.