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Celebrities and their pooches!


Even the most busiest of celebrities and models need a bit of down time to get down and dirty with their pets. These are some fashion icons spotted with their bestest of friends,  for once they aren’t the main focus of the photograph!


Paris Hilton:



Paris is a famous fashion icon and socialite, setting trends for years. Her latest work includes a hair care range being released in Lidl. Her most famous dog Tinkerbell sadly passed away in 2014 but this is her newest ‘yet to be named’ family member.




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Young model interview!

Hiya, today I have an interview with a special guest! Not only is she my best friend, she is an aspiring model. This is an interview with Rosie Sweeney about what its like to be a new, young model in Glasgow:

  • What made you want to be a model?
    -From a young age I watched Americas Next Top Model with my mum so I would say this is   what brought it to my attention. Then since I had done a few fashion shows I realised it was something I enjoyed and decided to take it further.
  • How did you start your journey?
    -Around April last year I helped one of my mums friends out by modelling at her business events. She happened to be signed to the agency that I am now with and sent photos of me from that night. The agency then got in contact and called me in for an interview.
  • Whats your favourite shoot/job?
    -I definitely most enjoyed the fashion show for Saint Genevieve because I was able to meet other models through this.
  • Is it something you’d want to do full time?
    -Unless the opportunity were to arise for this to happen, I intend to keep it as a part time job as I am more interested in going into textile design in the long run.
  • Whats the worst part?
    -It is quite difficult to find work in Glasgow, sometimes it can feel although you work is not paying off.
  • Whats the best part?
    -I would say the fact that it has built up my confidence has been the best part. Also meeting other people through it is a big perk.
  • Whats the next step?
    -I am going to look into getting more and more test shoots over this year in order to give my folio more variety and hopefully this can take me further within the industry.

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American Apparel, adios!

A retail chain loved worldwide, across twenty countries specifically, has gone into administration throughout the UK. The shops sell everything from dog jumpers to evening dresses, underwear and rucksacks. With the exception of one store in Camden High Street, all others will be closed which will result in nearly 150 jobs lost and the obtaining of their goods extremely hard. This is all very negative so lets look at the positive.. for a limited time there are sales!! Big ones at that with up to 70% so if you’re quick you may just bag yourself a bargain. The shop is loved for its ‘old school’ styles eg. their well known ‘tennis skirt’ and ‘disco pants’, however their style may have failed them as it is simple and easy to recreate. This has been done by cheaper shops such as Primark but unlike Primark, American Apparel has ethical production methods. As there is a store in Glasgow closing down it leaves the question as to what may take its place and will it ever live up to what once occupied the space before? American Apparel was founded in 1998 making it the same age as me but hopefully, I survive a bit longer!

Bibliography: https://www.theguardian.com/business/2016/nov/08/american-apparel-uk-business-adminstration

(photos are my own)