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British High End Fashion Brands

This is a bit of history on three of my favourite higher end fashion brands. I have been treated with bits and pieces over the years and I’m keeping them British!
Jo Malone
-Jo Malone describes itself as ‘quintessentially British’ keeping it true to its roots in London since 1994. They aim to fill our lives with beautiful scents for both men, women and homes. With their black and white signature wrapping, their products are unmistakable and provide a certain class putting it at the forefront of perfumery. My favourite scent is their ‘Pomegranate Noir’ and I’ve managed to collect the perfume, body lotion and candle.

TIP: The brands below can be found in TK Maxx for discounted prices!

All Saints
-All Saints was established in 1994 by Stuart Trevor and Kait Bolonbaro.It began as a mens label sold only to Harrods and Harvey Nichols. It has a powerful connection in the music industry getting involved in many collaborations e.g. with Kings of Leon. Rappers such as Tinie Tempah and Jay-Z have mentioned All Saints in their songs. It is recognisable for its edgy, ‘rough; look which I personally love to incorporate into my outfits.

Ted Baker
– Ted Baker considers itself ‘no ordinary designer label’ . It was founded in Glasgow, 1987 as a mens shirt specialist. By looking at their products it is not hard too see they have a little quirk to them making them distinct and beautiful. It is one of the fastest growing leading lifestyle brands in the UK and this has been achieved without any advertisement.

(Information is from the websites linked and photos are my own)


Paolo Sebastian Collection

Paolo Sebastian has released their collections for Spring/Summer and Autumn/Winter this year!

With the work of 26 year old Paul Vasileff behind it, Paolo Sebastian is a fashion label that has taken off since its first launch in 2007. The Australian label is inspired by old fairy tales and fables and I think this is very clearly represented throughout all of the collections. Not only do they use delicate, feminine, flowing fabrics but they incorporate many birds and aspects of nature such as leaves to give that ‘princess’ appeal. These hand-crafted dresses innocently sparkle as if caught by rays of sun and the models used to show off the designs have that ‘no makeup’ look, seemingly un-styled hair as if they are fresh from nature which I feel mimics the theme of the dresses. Lots of the designs have sheer parts so lots of the body can be seen, however this is done in such a tasteful way, it is not portrayed as sexual but instead this is usually where the use of nature comes in. For example birds will be used to cover up, emphasising the purity of the ideas. All colours are soft and neutral with the odd faded lilac, pink or touch of blue and the settings used for advertising are either traditional high ceiling ball room type spaces or old castle settings. Due to the exclusivity and price of these dresses, they are typically worn by extremely wealthy brides and celebrities such as Giuliana Rancic so the chances of me ever being able to wear one is slim, but a girl can dream!

Here are a couple of dresses which have always stood out to me from his Spring/Summer 2015-16 collection:


Pictures and facts from ‘www.paolosebastian.com‘ where you can also view all of the collections.