American Apparel, adios!

A retail chain loved worldwide, across twenty countries specifically, has gone into administration throughout the UK. The shops sell everything from dog jumpers to evening dresses, underwear and rucksacks. With the exception of one store in Camden High Street, all others will be closed which will result in nearly 150 jobs lost and the obtaining of their goods extremely hard. This is all very negative so lets look at the positive.. for a limited time there are sales!! Big ones at that with up to 70% so if you’re quick you may just bag yourself a bargain. The shop is loved for its ‘old school’ styles eg. their well known ‘tennis skirt’ and ‘disco pants’, however their style may have failed them as it is simple and easy to recreate. This has been done by cheaper shops such as Primark but unlike Primark, American Apparel has ethical production methods. As there is a store in Glasgow closing down it leaves the question as to what may take its place and will it ever live up to what once occupied the space before? American Apparel was founded in 1998 making it the same age as me but hopefully, I survive a bit longer!


(photos are my own)