Celebrities and their pooches!


Even the most busiest of celebrities and models need a bit of down time to get down and dirty with their pets. These are some fashion icons spotted with their bestest of friends,  for once they aren’t the main focus of the photograph!


Paris Hilton:



Paris is a famous fashion icon and socialite, setting trends for years. Her latest work includes a hair care range being released in Lidl. Her most famous dog Tinkerbell sadly passed away in 2014 but this is her newest ‘yet to be named’ family member.




Lady Gaga & Asia:



Lady Gaga is world renowned for her wacky fashion choices and artistic music videos, she is very unique in that way. However, like most of us she clearly cannot resist the cute face that French Bulldogs have.





Miranda Kerr & Frankie:



Miranda is most famously known for her modelling with Victoria’s Secret and advertising Swarovski’s beautiful crystal jewellery but her Yorkshire Terrier Frankie is definatly one of the cutest things she’s worn on her arm.





Hailey Baldwin:



Celebrity status model recently posted this picture on her instagram of her new pup which was purchased with her best friend Kendall Jenner. She has been stuck between the names Chicken and Bunny.




Amanda Seyfried & Finn:



You may think of Amanda Seyfried for all her actress roles in the likes of Mama Mia but her career actually began with a modelling career at the age of 11. Despite her glamorous job she clearly likes spending time with her collie, Finn.





Heidi Klum & Buttercup:



Heidi Klum has made her mark in the fashion industry by designing and modelling throughout the years. Now she makes regular TV appearances but of course, despite her achievements she wouldn’t be complete without her dog Buttercup.





Hope you enjoyed seeing these ladies swapping the catwalk for the dog park. These dogs are the best things they have ever worn!

All pictures from ‘this link’


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